DG7 alliance in Amsterdam
DG7 alliance meeting in Amsterdam, 1-2  December 2014
RNW/Michiel Bles

DG7 alliance discusses strategic response to crisis and censorship

How do international broadcasters deal with the Ebola outbreak and other global crises? What is their content and distribution strategy in China? What is their policy on Russia? What can these broadcasters learn from each other and how can they work together?

To find out, the Director Generals of the DG7 alliance of government-supported international broadcasters met up in Amsterdam this week for their annual meeting, hosted this year by RNW. They discussed growing media censorship worldwide and the concomitant increase in the jamming and blocking of their radio and internet services.

The seven – the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Deutsche Welle, France Médias Monde, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) – reiterated their support for freedom of the press and free expression across all media platforms. They pledged to enhance public access to services and tools to overcome online censorship.


The DG7 alliance will continue to work collaboratively in areas of journalist training and safety, media capacity building and market and audience research.

They will explore opportunities for technical cooperation on digital products and develop 'crisis tools’ in case of major emergencies. These tools may include a collective contact list and a facility to share stories made in crises areas.

The alliance expressed a shared interest in media development in Russia and will move to develop a joint proposal. The DG7 members will also cooperate on issues ranging from online analytics data to digital security.

Important partnership
“These DG7 gatherings are important as they enable us to exchange strategies and practical experience,” says RNW strategist Bernadette van Dijck, who organised this week’s meeting in Amsterdam.

“We learn and inspire, which helps move all of us forward. Because we know each other, we can go quickly into collaboration mode. We can prepare the ground for future cooperation or act together immediately. We can enlist the help of VOA reporters if necessary or use material produced by the BBC, etc.”

Next year’s DG7 meeting will be hosted by NHK.

Pictured from left to right:

Bernadette van Dijck(RNW), Jean Yves Bonsergent (FMM), Peter Horrocks (BBC World), Peter Limbourg (DW), Lynley Marshall (ABC), Robert Zaal (RNW), Mary Hockaday (BBC), Michael Hedley (BBC), Tsuruo Mochizuki (NHK), John Maguire (FMM), Shinichi Kamiyo (NHK), Guido Baumhauer (DW), Bruce Sherman (BBG), Christoph Jumpelt (DW), Klaus Bergmann (DW), Rob Bole (BBG)

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