Migrant women in China

Launch of EU-funded Justice4Her 2.0 project for women’s equality in China

On 1 April 2018 with financial support from the European Union, RNW Media’s China Office and its local partners launched Justice4Her 2.0, a project to fight gender based violence affecting young Chinese women migrant workers in China’s three most populous provinces in China: Shanghai; Beijing; and Guangdong.

China has some 230 million migrant workers, and one third of them are women. Gender based violence is common in China, and particularly affects women migrant workers. Research also shows women lack awareness about gender based violence, are unaware of their rights or are not in a position to exercise their rights. Despite a policy and legal framework on gender equality—including a 2016 law to combat domestic violence—gender based violence remains underreported, and follow up on reported cases is weak.

Justice4Her 2.0 builds from best practice. “We know what works. You need to work at the community level to improve people’s lives one at a time, but as we saw when we won the Social Impact Media Award in 2017 for our video on gender based violence, ‘Don’t Cover Up, Step Up’, if you want to make a sea change you need to use mass new media. Some 10 million people saw just the hashtag. The European Union will help us bring our efforts to another level,” adds Xia L, Justice4Her Coordinator.

Taking a cross-sectoral approach involving the legal sector and the media, the project focuses on raising awareness, educating migrant workers on their rights, strengthening capacities for exercising rule of law, fostering an enabling media environment, and on ensuring the young women get legal aid. To take thinking big to acting big, Justice4Her uses social media to educate, and to roll out campaigns and virtual reality videos to raise public awareness on gender based violence.