Love Matters China launch event

Let’s talk about sex - RNW launches Chinese Love Matters site

Under the slogan “Let’s talk about sex”, RNW has launched a Chinese offshoot of its successful Love Matters platform on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
The Love Matters China launch event took place at the Wenjin Hotel in Beijing on Wednesday 16 April and was attended by around 100 people. They included experts, students, young professionals, RNW partners and journalists.

Among the speakers were Chinese sexologist Peng Xiaohui and gynecologist Xu Xiaoyang. They spoke about homosexuality, abortion and other sex-related issues. All stressed the importance of open, honest and easy-to-access information on sexuality and sexual health.

RNW Head of Projects Michele Ernsting explained that the Love Matters project was created three years ago from a need to share clear and accessible information about safe and satisfying sex in countries where this subject is sensitive or even taboo. “Our job is to lower that barrier,” she said.

The Love Matters project has proved to be highly successful in various parts of the world, including India, Kenya, Mexico, Venezuela and the Middle East. Last year, Love Matters won a major award for innovation from the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

Partners are key
Love Matters relies heavily on the input of its partners. “They work with us to tailor our content and make it relevant to our audience,” in the words of Ernsting.

The partners of Love Matters China include the World Association of Chinese Sexologists, Harbin Medical University, Beijing Forestry University, Chongqing sexology association, Renmin University of China and China Kingsey organisation. The project is collaborating with 22 top-ranking bloggers and columnists in China.

During the three-month test phase prior to its official launch, the Love Matters China website had already attracted 1 million page views.

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