RNW’s Ikenna Azuike in New African Magazine’s Top-100 list

What’s Up Africa host Ikenna Azuike has been selected as one of the most influential Africans by New African Magazine.

Ikenna features in this year’s Top-100 list in the Media category. “If Jon Stewart had an African compatriot, it would be the Nigerian/British satirical journalist Ikenna Azuike,” the magazine writes.

"Azuike engages viewers with dynamic commentary and absurd skits, to look past the façade of African politics. If the current views on YouTube are anything to go by, What’s Up Africa? is destined to be a viral sensation in 2015."

Leading the line
Every year, New African publishes a list of the 100 most influential Africans. The leading pan-African current affairs magazine focuses on "trendsetters, visionaries, heroes, rabble-rousers" and others who lead the pack and "who stick their heads above the parapets before anyone else."

"Without exception, and in their own way, the people we have chosen – our most influential Africans of 2014 – have left the world a little different this year."

The joker
Ikenna is ranked among such big names as Chester Missing, the 'straight-talking puppet', Zapiro, the 'feared cartoonist' and 'Mo' Abudu, the 'African Oprah'. New African has dubbed him 'The joker'. It’s an epithet the What’s Up Africa host can live with, given his reaction on Facebook:

"Ok, soooooo, admittedly even a cursory google would reveal countless far more worthy people than myself to appear on this list. However…. Putting that (and the fact that Abubakar Shekau, leader of Nigerian terrorist organisation Boko Haram is also on here) aside, it is a privilege. Thank you New African Magazine. A lot to live up to in 2015 it seems. Yours sincerely, the joker...???"


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