Broadcast facilities

dB mediagroep: full-service audiovisual support
RNW co-owns dB mediagroep, a full-service audiovisual support company for public and commercial broadcasters.

Known as dB media group or Dutch Broadcasters, the technical support company was created from a merger between DBMG, BFN and Basement Electric. Its recording studios in Nijkerk and Hilversum offer state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified engineers.

dB mediagroep is an IS0-9001 certified company working with the latest in automated audio production technology.

Mobile studios

The company offers mobile studios for live radio broadcasts on location and has built a number of custom-made studios both in the Netherlands and abroad. It recently delivered 11 radio studios to the Central African Republic.

dB mediagroep are well known for their live recordings of concerts, from pop to classical music, for TV, CD, DVD and streaming.

In collaboration with its partners, dB mediagroep engineers make and monitor recordings and broadcasts from a range of venues including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Technical support also covers:
  • connections: satellite, internet, ISDN, FM, portable and point-to-point transmitters
  • repair and maintenance of equipment at national Dutch broadcaster NTR and other channels
  • consultancy and project management

Contact details:

dB mediagroep
Heuvellaan 33
1217 JL Hilversum
tel: +31 35 6724380

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