At RNW Media, we are proud to be a part of several consortia! In these consortia, we
bring our digital media expertise to reach and engage young people in countries where
their human rights are under threat. We meet young people where they are; which
is more and more in digital spaces. Connecting with young people through digital
media is instrumental in our approach to achieving sustainable, inclusive, and stable
societies by 2030.

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Together with OXFAM Novib and partners from the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), we are working on the Masarouna “Our Pathway” programme. We strive to mobilise the power of young people in MENA so they can claim their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). We work with and for young people, and together we forge new pathways through influencing and strengthening civil society.

Right Here Right Now 2

Led by Rutgers with partners across Asia and Africa, the Right Here Right Now 2 (RHRN2) consortium enables young people in all their diversity to enjoy their SRHR in gender-just societies. Through access to SRHR information on- and offline, young people, especially girls, women and LGBTQIA+ are empowered to make decisions about their sexuality, voice their needs and claim their rights.

Women,  Peace  and  Security Yemen

Women,  Peace  and  Security Yemen is an innovative  collaboration  between  CARE International,  RNW  Media  and  SOS. The programme seeks  to contribute  to lasting  peace  and  to  building  a  more equal society through addressing both women’s immediate needs and the underlying causes of their limited inclusion in relief, recovery and peacebuilding processes.

Power to Choose

Led by Oxfam Quebec, Power to Choose aims to contribute to improving the enjoyment of health-related rights for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Jordan, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territory, Honduras, and Bolivia.

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