Uganda Forbidden Square

When it comes to freedom of speech, Uganda falls within the ‘partly free’ category. However, the situation regarding press freedom is rapidly worsening. Opposition is not tolerated, anti-gay violence is on the rise and so are other human rights abuses. The country is affected by the instability in neighbouring DR Congo and Rwanda.


  • Population: 35.6m (UN 2012)
  • Official languages: English, Swahili
  • Freedom of the Press Index: partly free (score 55)


  • Multiparty democracy, President Yoweni Museveni in power since 1986. Won another term in 2011 elections
  • Northern Uganda is a conflict zone, where the Lord’s Resistance Army has been active for over 2 decades
  • Allied Democratic Forces, a rebel group operates from DRC, wants to set up an Islamic state in Uganda


  • Abductions and killings in the North
  • Displaced persons, child soldiers, LRA leader Joseph Kony and other rebels are wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity
  • HIV/Aids epidemic was severe in the nineties, ratio is now under 10%


  • Liberalised media landscape with state, private and community media
  • 4.2m internet users