Tunis, Tunisia
11 Jun
14 Jun
Event Website https://www.rightscon.org/
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Join us at
  • Carthage 2 | 12 June 12.15-15:30 | Workshop: Busting out of the echo chamber
  • | Jelsa | 12 June 17:15-18:30 | Fireside Chat: Global Internet Sentiment Survey 2019
  • |Oya 2 | 13 June 15:45-17:00 | Panel: Data - Dialogue - Decisions
Hashtag #RightsCon, RightsCon2019
11 Jun - 14 Jun

Citizens’ Voice at RightsCon 2019

Creating alternative civic spaces in restrictive settings.

RightsCon is the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age. It brings together business leaders, policy makers, general counsels, government representatives, technologists, and human rights defenders to connect, strategize, and shape the future.

At the 2019 edition of RightsCon in Tunis, RNW Media’s Citizen’s Voice programme will be convening a number of sessions focusing on creating alternative civic spaces for young people in restrictive settings. There”ll be an interactive Workshop on building inclusive online communities, a Fireside Chat discussing the findings of the Global Internet Sentiment Survey 2019 and a Panel Discussion on creating alternative civic spaces in the digital sphere.

Busting out of the echo chamber

An inclusive approach to build diverse online communities and generate constructive conversations between polarized youth.

This interactive workshop looks at how to create more and better civic spaces. We will discuss our inclusive approach for online community building in restrictive settings, including the challenges of putting this approach into practice. We will focus on lessons learned and best practices for creating: Inclusive Teams; Inclusive Content and Communities; Inclusive Partnerships: and Inclusive Tech.

2019 Global Internet Sentiment Survey

In partnership with RNW Media and Access Now, RIWI conducted the second Global Internet Sentiment Survey (GISS) providing vital data for organisations interested in the health, freedom, and security of the Internet.

In this session, discussion will flow from the GISS findings to how these data can contribute to improving people’s experiences online. Citizen’s Voice will provide local contextual interpretation of the findings and thoughts on how it can be used in local advocacy and programme initiatives.

Data, Dialogue, Decisions

In this panel discussion we will explore ways to create alternative civic spaces in the digital realm that give young people a platform where they can freely express their needs and views. We will discuss how feedback can be channelled to decision makers and influencers in some of the most fragile settings, with our case studies from Yemen, Libya and Burundi. We will highlight best practices, discuss challenges and brainstorm ways to overcome them. The session will help us develop a systematic model for citizen feedback at scale.