Work with RNW

How we work

Are you interested in working with us? Many forms of partnership are possible. The basic principle of all our partnerships is mutual benefit.

How can we cooperate?

  • Co-creation
    In cooperation with our partners, we develop multimedia formats for audio, video and text that attract young audiences and serve specific information needs. Examples: El Toque, Ivoire Justice.
  • Coproduction
    We co-produce programmes or videos with our (media) partners, combining the best of both worlds in the joint production of items, the choice of guests, moderation of discussions or phone-ins. Examples in the Arab world: Al-Masry Al-Youm, Medi 1

"RNW stands out from other international broadcasters: the topics are interesting and are dealt with in creative and unusual ways." Medi 1, Moroccan radio station

  • Production
    We produce content (text, audio and video) for distribution by local media. In China, for example, Helan Online
  • Distribution
    We distribute local content through our own networks and on our international platforms. Examples in Latin America: Prodicy MSN, TEC Monterrey, Blogosfera Cuba
  • Twinning
    Exchanging skills, knowledge and expertise through internships, coaching and training.

"RNW not only offers us interesting programs, but also contributes to local development and the strengthening of our democracy by offering information from different perspectives." Luz Radio from Venezuela

  • Sponsoring
    Companies can sponsor specific formats or parts of a format. For example, the family planning organisation DKT International sponsors our Love Matters website.

    We offer a variety of business models. More information? Contact our Connect Unit.
  • Project development
    Developing joint project proposals to be submitted to international donors.

    Are you looking for a (media) partner to develop a proposal? Contact our Connect Unit.

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