Consultant: Gender Strategy

RNW Media is an international NGO and centre of expertise that builds digital communities for social change. We use online media to engage young people on sensitive and often-taboo subjects – from pleasurable sex to civic participation. By facilitating their access to information and amplifying their voices, young people can contribute actively to making their societies more inclusive.
Through our platforms young people living in restrictive settings get comprehensive science- and rights-based information. They also find a trusted space to engage in constructive dialogue and focus on their aspirations. As a result, we create enabling conditions for young people to claim their rights confidently, assume their place in society, and shape a better future.

RNW Media has three programmes. Our Citizens’ Voice programme addresses social cohesion and inclusive governance. Our sexual and reproductive health and rights programme, including the Love Matters network, addresses love, sex and relationships, and our RNTC Media Training programme provides capacity building for professional and citizen journalists.
RNW Media works in 12 countries. In Sub-Saharan Africa we have platforms in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Mali, Nigeria and Uganda. In the Middle East and North Africa, we work in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. In Asia, we work in China. Through our global Love Matters network and brand, we also work in India and in Mexico.

Assignment background

While some indicators of gender equality are progressing globally, harmful social norms, attitudes and stigmatization are still extensive. Discrimination based on gender, meaning that people are being treated differently because they are male or female rather than based on their individual skills or capabilities, still happens widely, and this is a major barrier to achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls, and therefore Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5).
Inclusion is one of RNW Media’s core values. The Citizens’ Voice (CV) and SRHR programmes have been working on inclusion on multiple levels, and since this year, an “overarching” Inclusive Approach was developed and documented for the CV programme, looking at inclusive teams, partnerships, tech, content and communities. Gender inclusion was not included in this overall Inclusive Approach. Yet we work towards gender inclusion in different ways in our work.

In Yemen and Libya our country teams support women’s participation and engagement in our digital communities, succeeding in beating overall Facebook levels of engagement for women in these countries. In Egypt our Masaraat platform addresses economic inclusion for women and issues related to women at the workplace. Or again, some of our SRHR Love Matters platform in Kenya, for instance, works with LGBT youth and supports non-binary approaches to gender. Our approaches are disparate, however, and we have not adequately documented them. We are currently collecting
information on our gender inclusive actions to provide a snapshot of what we have achieved so far with regard to gender inclusion.

Assignment purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a clearly articulated strategy for integrating gender inclusion across our programmes and to develop a set of recommendations for operationalising the strategy. The strategy and the recommendation should align with our Inclusive Approach and with development sector norms and standards.

Assignment tasks

The consultant is expected to:
• Provide a robust summary of the theoretical background on gender inclusion;
• Provide a situation analysis on gender inclusion, with a strong, though not exclusive, focus
on the digital sphere (e.g., considering academic and grey literature on the gender digital divide, digital identities online, but also connecting to the offline sphere and offline advocacy);
• Recommend a definition for gender inclusion that corresponds to RNW Media’s (diversity driven) Inclusive Approach; and
• Provide recommendations on how we can roll out gender inclusive programming and activities in our focus countries, based on the situation analysis and the recommended definition.
Note, as much as possible, the consultant should make use of information we have on what RNW Media already does in terms of gender inclusion, with an eye to identifying gaps and opportunities.

Key deliverables:
• RNW Media Gender Inclusion Strategy document
• Recommendations document on operationalising strategy in RNW Media’s programmes and projects and our advocacy work
• Presentation to the MT for approval
• Presentation of final strategy to the entire organisation
• Experience in developing gender strategies for development projects, programmes and organisations.
• Thorough understanding of gender and gender equality issues and best practices related to promoting gender equality.
• Demonstrated understanding of issues related to gender and sustainable development, including experience in gender mainstreaming and gender transformative approaches.
• Experience or understanding of social change and/or behaviour change through (digital) media and the internet.
• Outstanding writing skills: ability to articulate results and produce high quality reports.
• Strong communication and presentation skills.

Suggested timeline:
Mid November
Consultant hired and presents methodology
End November
Consultant delivers first draft of the Gender Strategy and presents to the Management Team (MT)
Mid December
Finalise Gender Strategy
Mid/End December
Present results to RNW Media

Submission requirements:
• A brief description of the consultant’s recent experience on comparable assignments.
• A description of services and workplan for performing the assignment, including budget.
• Recent CV.
• Topically relevant writing sample.

Please submit proposals to: [email protected] by no later than 8 November 2019