RNW Media Annual Report 2018

Against a background of difficult circumstances in countries where repression increased and space for expression of opinions shrank, RNW Media’s country teams succeeded in 2018 in stimulating change, both at an individual level, and also when it comes to social norms and at government level. Our latest Annual Report gives an overview of that work.

For our Citizens’ Voice programme, 2018 was all about focus and ambition. We invested in refining the programme’s approach, taking its focus on social cohesion and inclusive governance and bringing these together under the umbrella of ‘building inclusive societies’. With the Data & Digital Team the programme developed standard operational approaches such as a new moderation strategy and tested guidelines to help platform moderators to create engaging yet safe discussions.


Love Matters spreads the word

Open, honest and sex-positive, RNW Media’s Love Matters programme is well-established as an innovative player in the field of SRHR for young people. With thriving platforms in five regions around the world, 2018 saw the Love Matters teams taking part in global forums and spreading the word about the unique Love Matters approach. Presentations were made and networks strengthened at the International Conference on Family Planning 2018 in Rwanda, the Regional Health Network Annual Scientific Conference on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in Kenya and at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam.

50 years of excellence for RNTC
And 2018 was the year RNW Media’s training institute RNTC celebrated half a century since first opening its doors to media professionals from around the world looking to develop their skills. Since then, RNTC has earned an enviable reputation as a centre of excellence and innovation. More than 5,500 media professionals and dozens of media and non-profit organisations have benefited from RNTC’s expertise in delivering state-of-the-art, career-changing courses and tailor-made trainings.

Looking ahead
We reviewed our organisational strategy in 2018 and that helps govern our thinking for 2019 and beyond. In 2019 we will invest further in RNW Media’s data and digital capacity and digital infrastructure in order to grow our impact and gain more insights in how to more effectively influence social norms and behaviour. We will build up information about the interests of young people and use data to advocate – together with them – for change in their lives. RNW Media’s Hilversum office will transform into a centre for data and digital expertise responsible for supporting and facilitating the country teams and global network partners even more effectively.

You can read the full report here.