RNW Media Annual Report 2019

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect more and more people around the world, everyone at RNW Media is working (from home!) to support the young people in our digital communities with multi-media content that speaks to their local concerns. As well as dealing with the personal and professional consequences of the outbreak, our regular activities continue – such as compiling our Annual Report for 2019.

The experiences of our local implementing teams in 2019 reflected the larger issues seen in the countries where we work— shrinking civic space, lack of youth inclusion in governance, spread of misinformation and disinformation, lack of media freedom, backlash against expanding  sexual and reproductive  health and rights (SRHR). Despite the challenges,  they  carry on creating opportunities for other  young people to hear and  be heard. In our Annual Report 2019 you can read more about how our digital communities have helped  increase knowledge, change  perceptions and  behaviours,  challenge  social norms and  influence  policies.

Advocating for change
An important development in 2019 was the increased focus on advocacy work. On country  level we seek to influence  laws,  policies, processes and practices to advance the  needs of  young people on topics that link to our programmatic themes and resonate with our young audience. At the international and regional levels, we developed a strategy focusing on advocating for digital rights, especially the rights to association, assembly, information and expression. Digital rights underpin RNW Media’s ability to build digital communities—our core business and our work on digital rights is based on the situations and challenges our country teams face on a daily basis.

You can read the full Annual Report 2019 here.

Watch this animated video for a brief overview of RNW Media in 2019.