Annual Report RNW Media 2021

Another year has passed with its challenges and wonders. As we rapidly transition to the world as we knew it before the pandemic, let us take a moment with you to look at the past year at RNW Media, with gratitude and pride.

  • We interacted with 25 million young people through our partner’s online platforms based in 13 countries.
  • We launched our new strategy “Let’s get digital!” Built on the foundations of Citizens’ Voice, Love Matters and In the Works digital communities, that are now handed over to local entities.
  • We moved to the Koepel and are excited to see how this place is opening possibilities for new partnerships and beyond.
  • We launched our digital rights agenda: Digital rights are human rights in the internet era. Young people have the right to freely access reliable information in safe and inclusive online spaces.
  • We improved our Data Lake. We mapped and troubleshot more technical aspects to continue providing real-time data to our partners and network around the world in a sustainable and safe manner.

We have been busy with much more all thanks to our amazing team of 54 employees from around the world. Next to their dedication, we owe our success to the numerous supporters and donors of RNW Media. Thanks to them, we continue to work on improving our products and services; from assessment tools to learning solutions, a youth-cantered approach and data-driven solutions. There is so much we have been busy with. Read more about our work across 2021 in our Annual Report!