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Total reach for Manasati30 in 2019

Online interaction

Yemen ranks the lowest, 200 out of 200 countries, in internet speed. Despite this internet reality, young people still come online and Manasati30 has evolved into an active online community that interacts directly through monthly online surveys where young people can express their views on sensitive social and political themes. Young people can give their views anonymously and are able to speak out without fear of negative consequences.  

Manasati30 has conducted over 75 surveys since its launch, covering a wide variety of topics that are important to young people. In 2018, one of the most popular surveys conducted was on the topic of harassment. In a country that has the largest gender gap in the world, this particular survey saw an increase in engagement of women with hundreds of women coming out with their stories of harassment.


building an inclusive online community

Yemen has been a country in conflict since 2015, resulting in one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Amid the conflict, there are young people committed to changing the situation. However, Yemen’s young people are largely shut out of the country’s public discourse with no opportunity to voice their opinions on the issues that matter to them.

There is also a lack of civic space where young people from different backgrounds can engage with each other. Manasati30 (formerly known as the Yemen Youth Panel, offers such a space where young people regardless of their social, political or economic backgrounds can come together to voice their opinions and share their stories. The project has teams in both North and South Yemen with contributions from a large network of changemakers across the whole country

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video views in 2019

Offline influence

Using the data generated from these surveys, the Manasati30 team produce and disseminate multi-media content that amplifies the voices and opinions of young Yemenis. Since its launch in 2013, the project has become a credible source of data and insights on young people’s issues, needs and views.
Both online activities and offline events ensure that young people’s voices are heard by mainstream media and other influential actors and their agendas are gradually being represented in policy and social changes.

Importance of inclusion

Despite the civil war, our local team has also had notable successes in involving partners in media and government who are technically in conflict.
Building a community that is inclusive and represents the diversity of Yemen’s youth is challenging in a society where the marginalisation of certain groups is common. YYP works to challenge restrictive norms and the prejudices Yemeni youth have against each other. Breaking down prejudices about the ‘other’ is an essential step to building a more cohesive society in which young people can collectively claim their rights.  


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in 2019

‘I always wanted to be a politician and a decision-maker, and this debating training added to my skills to be a good speaker and be able to convince people to buy my ideas. I want to be a leader and change the situation in Yemen. I think that today’s debaters will be tomorrow’s leaders.’

– a Manasati30 workshop participant

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