Sexual rights

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S.E.X. Three letters with a whole world behind them. For some fun to talk about. For others a nightmare. Being a taboo in many countries, sexual rights need to be defended and fought for. Whether you are gay or straight. Be who you want to be. Say what you want to say. Marry when you’re ready. Choosing when and with whom you have sex is a right. Claim it. Exercise it. Shout it out.


Love Matters is a reality check offering sexual health information with a positive take on pleasure and relationship satisfaction.

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The web, mobile and social media platforms give young people the facts they need to have safer, healthier and happier sex.


Sexuality is natural, precious and an essential part of our humanity. It’s part of our fundamental human rights. Yet, discrimination, stigma, fear and violence still prevent many people from attaining basic sexual rights and health.

• There’s no sex education in many parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East
• LGBT rights are officially opposed in more than 50 countries around the world
• Sexual violence including systematic rape is often used as a weapon of war
• Reproductive rights and other women’s rights are not universally protected


In 2013, nearly 6 million people visited RNW's various Love Matters sites. Total pageviews: 20 million. The Love Matters Facebook community has 400,000 members.

  • Love Matters India (English and Hindi): over 4.2 million visitors, 13 million page views 212,000 Facebook fans
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  • Love Matters China (launched December 2013): 3,400 visits, 11,000 pageviews, 31,000 Weibo followers
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