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Launched in 2014, Love Matters China aims to empower Chinese young people especially Chinese young college students and young professionals in big cities to claim their sexual health and gender rights and enjoy good sexual and reproductive health. With innovative state of art media approaches, Love Matters China develops multiple digital platforms to facilitate young people’s engagement, creates easy-to-access content on love, sex and relationship, and builds communities of scale. The sexual health resource developed by the project, including 8 chapters and over 100.000 words, is the most comprehensive online database on SRHR in China.

Love Matters China

giving voice to the young majority

Social taboos, conservative morality, legal restraints and misleading information plague the field of sex education in China today. There’s a massive demand for reliable, evidence– and rights-based and sex-friendly information in China.

Almost half of Chinese people between ages 18 and 30 are not given sex education at school, according to a research carried out by Love Matters China and Beijing Forestry University in 2014. Another research, conducted by Love Matters China via online survey in 2017, shows that 95% of Chinese young people recognize the importance of sex education in school but 65% of them are not satisfied with the current situation.

Love Matters China was established to serve these people – and to address the 78% of young people who recognize the internet as their primary source of SRHR information.

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A hybrid approach

Taking into consideration the cultural values of the target audience and Chinese media landscape, Love Matters China uses a hybrid approach, combining a responsive site with a great number of popular Chinese social media platforms, such as WeChat and Weibo, where young Chinese interact.

Love Matters China sets a new history record on the reaches of the project in 2017, with annual social media page views of 325 million and engagement of 75 million, which makes its platforms become one of the most popular online spaces where people talk about SRHR issues in Mandarin.

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Awareness change

In order to challenge the social norms on sexual rights issues, Love Matters China is strategically focus on the topics of gender-based violence (GBV), gender equality and women’s rights and LGBT rights. Love Matters China aims to raise young people’s awareness and knowledge on these key issues and empower them to make informed and respectful decisions.

In 2017, Love Matters China rolled out a 15-day online campaign on gender-based violence, focusing on less-addressed issues, such as emotional abuse and excessive control. The campaign generated 2.39 million page view and 21 Chinese mainstream media reported on it. Through before and after survey and in-depth individual interviews, there are solid evidence have shown that the campaign has changed the attitudes, awareness and knowledge of participants on GBV, such as, more than 80% of participants claimed that their knowledge about GBV has been increased, the likelihood of people who choose ‘you and your partner will make conflicts physically’ drops from 1.15 to 0.8 on a 5-point scale before and after the campaign etc.

A favorable environment

Working together with numbers of media and advocacy partners, Love Matters China supports media to convey an inclusive discourse on young people’s SRHR, provide trainings to mainstream media professionals to science based SRHR information and collects data to build the evidence to foster a more favorable social and policy environment for young people.

In early 2018, one of China’s largest social media sites, Sina Weibo which is seen as China’s equivalent of Twitter, announced that they will remove gay and violent content. In response, together with a number of China’s LGBT organizations, Love Matters China launched an online campaign to protest against the decision, using the hashtag ‘#LOVEISLOVE’. The hashtag has generated 44 million’s page view and 27k engagements. Eventually Sina Weibo backtracked and withdraw their decision under the pressure.

To advocate for policy changing, in 2017, together with China Family Planning Association (CFPA), Love Matters China conducted an online survey on the comprehensive sex education in Chinese schools. The research report has been shared with Chinese authorities, and Love Matters China and CFPA call on the relevant central and local governments to set up and strengthen the comprehensive sex education in schools, and actively use the internet and new media to engage with young people and fulfill their needs on SRHR in China.

Peng Xiaohui, professor of China Huazhong University and director of the Sex Education Committee of China Sexology Association comments on the project and its event:

‘This is the best event I’ve ever seen which is filled with advanced theories and best practice from all China, and I am so impressed by the liveness and vitality of young people who participate this event. I have seen the prospect of the success of Love Matters China project and your project team member are rigorous, highly professional, and meticulous and full of vigor.’


Love Matters China has established partnership with approximately 50 different organizations, including INGO, grassroots NGO, media organizations and universities and research institutions. Representatives of the Love Matters project are also regularly invited to conferences and seminars – organized by likes of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Discussions are currently underway about continuing cooperation with these UN agencies.

In 2017 and 2018, Love Matters China was invited to give a speech at the TEDxLujiazui and TEDxNYUShanghai. In 2015, Love Matters China won the Annual Netease Best Media Award on the basis of its ‘high-quality content and innovation as well as the number of subscriptions and the degree of influence’.

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