Is Global Voices blocked in Iran? Yes and no

When Global Voices learned that their website was blocked in Iran, they immediately checked and found that this was partly true. The issue boiled down to a single but crucial letter in the URL.

China RNW op Amsterdamse stadsomroep AT5

RNW heeft zijn eerste bijdrage geleverd aan de Stelling van Amsterdam, een dagelijks discussieprogramma op de Amsterdamse stadsomroep AT5. Het was de eerste van vier afleveringen die gezamenlijk worden geproduceerd door RNW en AT5.

RNW experts on Amsterdam local television

Amsterdam TV channel AT5 will draw on the expertise of RNW specialists in a series of four discussion programmes.

RNW expertise ingezet bij AT5

RNW en de Amsterdamse stadsomroep AT5 gaan samen enkele afleveringen van het discussieprogramma de Stelling van Amsterdam produceren. Medewerkers van RNW zullen hun bijdrage leveren aan vier afleveringen en actief deelnemen aan de discussie op de Amsterdamse kabel.

RNW marks 25 years since Tiananmen Square

All RNW social media platforms are publishing a special cartoon and a photo series of individuals showing defiance in the face of repression.

RNW’s Ma3akom TV connects Syrian media

RNW is dedicating its 24/7 Arabic satellite TV channel to Syria and Syrian refugees.


Young Chinese are increasingly successful in leaping over the Great Firewall, circumventing filters blocking access to foreign websites.


Amid widespread poverty, pressure is growing on Cuba’s repressive regime to loosen the reins and pursue economic reforms.


Internet freedom and the development of a democratic system are important issues for young people in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.