Anti-government protests in Sana’a © AP Photo/Hani Mohammed
RNW Media

What we do

From voice to influence
Our mission is to identify young people’s needs, and bring them together in user-owned digital communities where they can safely engage on taboos and sensitive topics, generating strong stories for advocacy to unleash their potential for social change.

‘Full-Chain’ Approach

RNW Media initiates, and is part of, a chain that enables young people to achieve sustainable social change. It uses innovative and state-of-the-art digital media platforms, tools and methods that incorporate the language, tone of voice, icons and graphic design used by young people.

Using trusted evidence-based information, as well as young people’s own stories and dialogues, RNW Media’s projects tackle taboos and sensitive topics, so young people can make their own informed choices, form communities, and drive change.

Claiming a seat at the decision-making table
RNW Media empowers young people to spark and join in conversations on creative and innovative online platforms. This is combined with offline events and other media (such as radio, TV, press, music and theatre) to boost outreach and impact.

The approach allows young people to build large communities, both online and offline, and to develop their capacity as a community to advocate for their causes and challenge underlying norms, social stigmas and political manipulation mechanisms.

Needs-based, Rights-based
The approach uses all the data available to create content that best reflects and addresses the needs of young people. It also provides essential information to partners, such as youth organisations and movements, NGOs or service providers, to change behaviour and influence policies and practices.

RNW Media’s approach is rights-based and develops the capacity of young people and other stakeholders so they can take over the platforms and intervention strategies – and then they can claim their rights, make their own decisions, and work for sustainable change in their societies.

RNW Media actively supports:

  • The rights of young individuals to information and to form and express their opinions
  • Inclusion of young people in their societies
  • Equal rights for all young people as set out within international human rights agreements

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