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Building inclusive communities

Our country teams create multi-media content relevant to the local context to attract and engage young people via a variety of digital channels. Through moderated discussions, we encourage disparate groups to voice their opinions on issues of common interest both online and offline. 

To achieve impact, Citizens’ Voice aims to engage the broadest possible spectrum of stakeholders at all levels. By building inclusive communities where everyone feels safe in otherwise fragmented societies, we create an alternative civic space and can stimulate the move from polarised discussion to constructive debate and dialogue.  

Citizens’ Voice

amplifying youth voices

Citizens’ Voice works in countries where young people form the vast majority of the population. In restrictive settings where freedom of expression is limited, young people lack access to reliable, trusted information and alternative points of view on sensitive topics, needs and aspirations.They also lack opportunities to participate in public debate.

As a result, young people are divided and disempowered to challenge existing socio-cultural norms, make informed decisions, and influence formal and informal decision-making.

Digital media for change

Applying a user-centred approach and persuasive storytelling, we create and maintain digital  platforms offering safe spaces where young women and men from across political, ethnic, racial, regional or religious divides can come together in a way which is often impossible in the offline space.  

On our platforms young people can access and engage with pluralistic, reliable information and perspectives on sociocultural norms and values, youth needs and aspirations.  In our digital communities they can discuss what is important to them, collectively envision the future, and connect to influential actors. 

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Alternative civic spaces

‘Online spaces become a breeding ground for anger and divisiveness. Fake news, incitement of hatred, abuse, and harassment affect social media feeds. Increasingly, governments use online spaces to suppress dissent, polarised communities and manipulate public opinion’ – Freedom House

Influence for change

The data we collect on the Citizens’ Voice platforms is used to develop evidence on youth needs, aspirations and behaviour which is shared with media, partners and changemakers. In this way we can amplify the voices of young people, enabling them to engage effectively with formal and informal decision makers. Online campaigns call on the authorities to address the issues identified by our communities and offline events bring young people and decision makers together in dialogue.    

As decision makers engage with and respond to youth needs in policy and practice, young people’s civic agency increases.  They can challenge the norms and prejudices which restrict their full participation in their societies They participate in decision making and more inclusive societies evolve which respond to the needs and aspirations of young people.

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