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Evidence and rights- based information

To address the problem, we create and maintain digital media platforms that provide evidence and rights- based SRHR information tailored to the local context. These platforms are the basis of digital communities where we engage with young people on their issues and concerns around sex and relationships.

Our approach is inclusive and non-judgemental and, in restrictive settings, these communities are often the only place where young people can openly share their thoughts and views and find the information and advice they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling personal lives. Moderators on our platforms answer users’ questions and, where appropriate, refer them to available services.


Safe, healthy, pleasurable

RNW Media’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programme envisions a world where young people have safe, healthy and pleasurable sex and relationships.

Sex and relationships have a huge impact on young people’s lives, but many live in societies where information about sexual health and rights is censored or taboo. Religion, politics, gender norms and other social pressures mean there is often a lack of effective communication around sex and sexuality which affects young people’s well-being – both mental and physical.

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Tailored SRHR interventions

RNW Media has been working on SRHR for young people  since we launched the  Love Matters  programme in India in 2011. Love Matters  and its pleasure-positive approach to love sex and relationships  has flourished  to become a  collaborative global network  with platforms in seven countries.  (Read more about the Love Matters Global Network here.)

When looking to expand our SRHR work to Burundi and Yemen, research and the local experience of our Citizens’ Voice teams working in both countries made it clear that the Love Matters approach was not going to be the best way to achieve our goals in these contexts. So we have evolved our strategy to incorporate the Love Matters Global Network within a broader SRHR  programme.

Promoting comprehensive human rights

New  activites  within this strategy  include incorporating SRHR on dedicated channels within our  existing  Citizens’  Voice platforms in Burundi, Mali, Libya and Yemen. This linking  of  the SRHR programme with the Citizens’ Voice programme is a good way of addressing young people’s needs in a holistic way -  promoting  their  human rights more comprehensively.

The strategy allows us to provide wider and more diverse SRHR programming and more comprehensively support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 and 5 on health and wellbeing and on gender equality. We also support SDG 4 by providing learning opportunities around all aspects of love sex and relationships.

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