Why work with RNW?

Seven reasons why you want to become a business partner of RNW Media.
  1. Because of our quality and reputation: we are a professional multimedia organisation with over 65 years of experience in international multimedia journalism. We combine professional media skills with regional experience and thematic specialisms such as sexual rights and international justice.
  2. Because of our interaction with audiences: in cooperation with local partners we interact with young audiences in our target countries who are concerned with the development of their society. Social media are our main platform for interaction. One of the most popular is the Love Matters facebook page.
  3. Because of our regional networks: we work with high profile media and non-media organisations in Africa, the Arab world, China and Latin America.
  4. Because of our international network: we cooperate with international broadcasters such as BBC, Deutsche Welle, Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, RFI, NHK, Swiss Info in the fields of audience research and technology.
  5. Because of our way of working: we develop tailor made forms of cooperation, focused on finding mutual benefits and tailoring services to these benefits.
  6. Because of our participative approach: we highly value the existing  expertise and knowledge within the organisations and the people we work with. This is the starting point for exchange and equal cooperation.
  7. Because of our innovative mindset: we love to experiment with new technologies, platforms, audience interaction, formats. And we are always up for a good plan!

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