About us

RNW Media is an international digital media organisation, working for social change.

Our vision

We believe in a world in which young people in all their diversity confidently claim their rights, assume their place in society and drive social change.

Our mission

We accelerate the impact of changemakers by co-creating youth-centred digital media solutions built on data insights and mutual learning experiences.

Our values

We thrive when we explore and when we ask questions. Our eagerness to learn leads us to new paths. 

It’s part of our DNA to stay receptive for new insights and adapt our behaviours, habits and approaches to changing circumstances.  

Operating at the intersection of digital media and international development shapes our creative nature: we continuously reinvent, rethink and refine to get to fresh and unique approaches.   

We believe that together is the only way forward. The whole always has a greater effect than the sum of its parts.  

We contribute to a world where young people’s perspectives and voices in all their diversity matter. Inclusivity is inherent not only in what we do, but also in the way we work. Both with each other and with others. 


We work with those who, like us, want to unleash the potential of young people aged 15 to 30, using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to young people as our compass. The inclusive digital and learning solutions we co-create, aim to accelerate change; in behaviour, attitudes, social norms and policies.

Challenges facing young people

We work in countries where the human rights of young people are under threat. We believe young people’s voices and actions hold the power to drive change. We focus on the ambition of young people to shape the societies they live in and live fulfilling lives.

We meet young people where they are; which is more and more in digital spaces. Connecting with young people through digital media is instrumental in our approach to achieving sustainable, inclusive, and stable societies by 2030, but young people experience different challenges:

  • Limitations in universal digital access and connectivity and a general lack of quality standards and accountability for digital products and services which exposes young people’s online safety and security.
  • Safe digital spaces with moderation and both youth-centered and fact-based content that stimulate constructive dialogue around sensitive topics are scarce; there is a rapid spread of online disinformation, misinformation and online censorship;
  • Young people’s voices and human rights are not always taken seriously and they are often excluded from policy creation and decision-making processes.

Our goal

Our goal is that by 2030, through digital media, globally one billion
young people can make informed decisions, advance their rights and
positively affect their societies.

Connect with us

RNW Media has an ambitious vision and is always looking for ways to partner with like-minded organisations. We already have a great network of partners and donors. Be sure to contact us if you want to be a part of it.