About us

We are an international organisation based in the Netherlands. We build digital communities for social change.
We create online platforms for which we design content, engagement and moderation strategies.

World wide local teams

The topics we cover reflect young people’s needs in relation to love, sex and relationships and their hopes and ambitions for their societies. Local teams of media-makers manage our digital communities. In turn, they build and coordinate networks of young people who produce content to engage the wider community across our thematic areas.

We work in 12 countries. In Sub-Saharan Africa we are active in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, and Uganda. In the Middle East and North Africa, we have platforms in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. In Asia, we work in India and China. In Latin America, we work in Mexico through our global Love Matters network and brand.

Emphasis on sustainability

We want the platforms we launch to be independent and locally owned long after grant cycles end. Hence, from the beginning of any project, we plan how platforms are going to stand on their own two feet. We honed our approach over 2017 after various platforms no longer fit the new organisational strategy. The hard work paid off and these platforms are flourishing.

Independent platforms

Using innovative ways of delivering content—drones and 360° videos—the El Toque blog site addresses topics the Cuban government’s media side-lines. El Toque is now increasingly being seen as a reliable, independent source of information. Read more about El Toque and sustainability here. Our Ivoire Justice platform, developed for President Gbagbo’s International Criminal Court trial, was handed over to the Centre for Education for a Sustainable Society (CESD) in Ivory Coast and receives support from the Open Society Institute for Western Africa (OSIWA) under the new name, “Observateur Citoyen”. What’s Up Africa was handed over to BBC World News in April 2017.

Connect with us

RNW Media has an ambitious vision and is always looking for ways to partner with like-minded organisations. We already have a great network of partners and donors. Be sure to contact us if you want to be a part of it.