Supervisory board

RNW Media’s vision is to contribute to a world where young people in restrictive settings confidently claim their rights, assume their place in society, and shape a better future.

Supervisory Board

RNW Media is overseen by a Supervisory Board which is responsible for supervising the development and execution of vision, mission, strategy, inclusion of stakeholders and risk management. The Board is the direct employer of the CEO with responsibility for recruitment, performance evaluation and dismissal. Less formally, the Board also have a coaching role to support the CEO’s development and motivation and serve as a sparring partner.

Board members bring the strength of their own networks to their role and act as advisors to and ambassadors for RNW Media. The members of the Supervisory Board ado not receive financial compensation for their work.

The Supervisory Board is currently recruiting 2-3 new members. As of April 1st 2019, the Board members are:

Susan Blankhart, (Chair, Remuneration) a former Ambassador for the Netherlands and Special Advisor for Women’s Rights to the Dutch Government. Currently also serving on the Supervisory Boards of Achmea Foundation and Plan Nederland.

“It’s exciting for me to be involved in such an innovative organisation like RNW Media. I love the dynamic very much and look forward to playing the role of Ambassador for RNW Media”

Saskia Braam Director HR at Marqt (a food retail chain aiming to change food supply systems).

“Developing awareness in people and organisations is my personal mission. That requires courage and guts, always, for everyone. But this is especially challenging in the countries where RNW Media is working because the basics that are needed to develop are often not there: safety, trust and openness. I think it is great that RNW Media uses media to help young people in these environments develop so they can contribute to a future more peaceful world with stronger awareness. That is really making a difference.”

Theo Huibers, (Chair) Professor at the University of Twente, Department of Human Media Interaction and advisor at Thaesis.

“My background is in disruptive transformations of organisations. I like to move outside my comfort zone and it’s an interesting challenge for me to apply this expertise within a media organisation working globally in restrictive settings. I’m inspired by the courage of the country teams working on sensitive issues in difficult circumstances.”

Nicole Kuppens, (Chair Audit Committee) Managing Director “Spoorwegmuseum” (Railroad Museum) and on the Supervisory Board of Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

“My personal drive to work with RNW Media is that it connects with the world in the ways my children do, it’s relevant to young people and at the forefront of innovation. I look forward to playing an active role in making the organisation even stronger”.

Connect with us

RNW Media has an ambitious vision and is always looking for ways to partner with like-minded organisations. We already have a great network of partners and donors. Be sure to contact us if you want to be a part of it.