Supervisory board

RNW Media’s vision is to contribute to a world where young people in all their diversity confidently claim their rights, assume their place in society and drive social change.

Supervisory Board

RNW Media is overseen by a Supervisory Board which is responsible for supervising the development and execution of vision, mission, strategy, inclusion of stakeholders and risk management. The Board is the direct employer of the CEO with responsibility for recruitment, performance evaluation and dismissal.

Board members bring the strength of their own networks to their role and act as advisors to and ambassadors for RNW Media. The members of the Supervisory Board do not receive financial compensation for their work. Per 1st of April 2023, this is the vision of the SB on their role, and the Board members are:

Sana Afouaiz A Moroccan-born women’s rights advocate now based in Brussels. Founder of Womenpreneur and Womenquake and author of ‘Invisible Women of the Middle East’.

“I’m pleased to be part of the Supervisory Board. I shall contribute to the social mission of the organisation and make sure that the voices of the voiceless are in the front line. I hope that through my contribution we can write a new chapter of humanity where no-one is left behind. Your projects and work ethic inspire me and I’m looking forward to contributing to positive change.”

Susan Blankhart, (Chair Remuneration Committee) a former Ambassador for the Netherlands and Special Advisor for Women’s Rights to the Dutch Government. Currently also serving on the Supervisory Boards of Achmea Foundation and Plan Nederland.

“It’s exciting for me to be involved in such an innovative organisation like RNW Media. I love the dynamic very much and look forward to playing the role of Ambassador for RNW Media.”

Theo Huibers, (Chair) Professor at the University of Twente, Department of Human Media Interaction.

“My background is in disruptive transformations of organisations. I like to move outside my comfort zone and it’s an interesting challenge for me to apply this expertise within a media organisation working globally in restrictive settings. I’m inspired by the courage of the country teams working on sensitive issues in difficult circumstances.”

Amcke Becker, a marketing and digital communication leader with over 20 years experience in building brands and driving digital transformation.

“I wholeheartedly believe in RNW Media’s vital mission to support young people in countries where their rights are at risk. My experience in Social Tech has shown me the power of digital communities and their capacity to empower the next generation to create a better world. I’m excited to use my expertise to contribute to the positive difference that RNW Media’s dedicated teams and partners are making.”

Nicole Kuppens, (Chair Audit Committee) Managing Director “Spoorwegmuseum” (Railroad Museum) and on the Supervisory Board of Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

“My personal drive to work with RNW Media is that it connects with the world in the ways my children do, it’s relevant to young people and at the forefront of innovation. I look forward to playing an active role in making the organisation even stronger”.

Franklin Ugobude, a marketing and communications specialist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also Director of Media and Communication for the Consent Workshop, a youth-led grassroots NGO aimed at deconstructing rape culture.

“I believe we all have a role to play in the change we want to see, and I strongly believe in the importance of creating digital communities to enrich the opportunities for social change. The work being done by RNW Media is work of the heart and not just a job that has to be done. I love the diversity and I look forward to bringing my voice into the team.” 

Ivo Verlinden, (Audit Committee) Entrepreneur and Co-founder, CFO and Executive Board Member of Chama Technologies BV.

“I believe in the mission and Citizens’ Voice and Love Matters programmes of RNW Media. Empowering the next generation to drive social change in lesser developed countries, often supressed and/or living under difficult circumstances. All people involved deserve deep respect. With my background in strategy and finance, my entrepreneurial mind-set, my experience working for corporates as well as more recently start-/scale-ups with new business models, I believe I can contribute to the transition that RNW Media is undergoing.”

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