What's up Africa presenter Ikenna Azuike
What's up Africa host Ikenna Azuike

What's Up Africa

A satirical video blog that homes in on Africa’s hot issues

What’s Up Africa (WUA) is a satirical video blog that homes in on Africa’s burning issues. With a quizzical look at what’s hip, hot, eye-catching or ridiculous, the show uses comedy to spark debate on topics too hot for the mainstream to handle.

With an avid following on YouTube, WUA  has proved itself to be a quirky and creative vehicle to tackle serious rights issues.

Why WUA?

• Press freedom is restricted in many of WUA’s target countries; WUA fills the gap

• Coverage of Africa in the international media is often negative; WUA offers a refreshing alternative

• Crucial topics in the target countries are taboo; WUA uses satire to open up debate

• The vlog format is popular with a younger audience and allows for comments and discussions

WUA - where and who?

Young people in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond eager to be informed about human rights issues.

Content is redistributed and shared by partners including:

Capital FM in Kenya
• Respected journalists and bloggers such as @msafropolitan and @rosebellK in Uganda

The show has a very strong and loyal network of sharers on social media.


 WUA has attracted international attention; the show has been featured on

 and Nigerian websites

US think-tank Foreign Policy in Focus hailed Ikenna Azuike as one of the world’s leading political satirists in its article ‘Global Stewarts’ (referring to famed US satirist Jon Stewart).

WUA episodes are shared on BuniTVokayafrica.com and Shelby TV


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