Dutch octopus challenges German colleague's prediction

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So a German octopus is predicting that the Dutch will lose the World Cup final on Sunday? Don't bank on it. Octopus Paul in the Oberhausen zoo now has a fierce competitor, or should that be competitress, in octopus Pauline. She lives in the Sea Life aquarium in the Dutch resort of Scheveningen.

On Friday Pauline was presented with two containers holding her favourite mussels, one labelled with the Spanish flag and the other with the red, white and blue of the Netherlands. She blithely ignored the Spanish mussels and went for the Dutch molluscs straightahead. "The Netherlands will be world champion," a Sea Life spokeswoman confidently announced.

Pig and parakeet
It appears that the negative prediction of eight-armed German Paul is far outweighed by other animal soothsayers. Muniyappan, a clairvoyant in Singapore asked his parakeet what the outcome of Sunday's match will be, and Mani's answer was a tap with the beak on a card showing the Dutch tricolour, dialy AD wrote on Friday. And the Spits daily traced an omniscient pig by the name of Rozijntje (Raisin) which was given two buckets, each containing one sandwich. The Dutch sandwich was eaten first, but apparently still hungry, Rozijntje also ate the Spanish one.

Malice aforethought
Meanwhile, after Paul's correct prediction that Germany would lose to Spain, the German media abound with suggestions for how to deal with the oracle octopus, mostly in the shape of cooking recipes. He could have seen it coming, couldn't he?


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