The Egg-o-mat of Soest

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Machines have been dispensing sweets and canned drinks for years; and recently, vending machines have been distributing items like fruit to many around the world. The Dutch like to take things one step further, however, so how about a vending machine for eggs?

The Soest eierautomaat (Dutch for 'egg machine') is run by Annemiek Spijker, and the machine works like any other: one inserts 1.20 euro, selects a row, and takes out a box of fresh eggs.


Annemiek told me that her machine isn't the only egg vending machine in the Netherlands - we've found similar machines in Barneveld and near Wageningen.

It's located in the village of De Birkt - a few kilometres west of the town of Amersfoort - and is tucked away just off a provincial road. The Soest eierautomaat is open seven days a week - and the eggs in the machine are cooled for that little extra freshness. More information can be found on the vending machine's website: