Holland's all-time dream team

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Radio Netherlands Worldwide presents the Best Dutch Team of All Time. We have put together an unbeatable all-stars team that would easily win the World Cup. Would you pick the same players? 

For decades, Holland’s attractive, offensive football has enthralled people everywhere, relying on a seemingly endless host of world stars.

[media:factfile]Oranje took the lead in the seventies, with a style carried out to perfection by luminaries such as Cruyff, Van Hanegem and Neeskens. One after another, waves of brilliant players have kept emerging since then.

In the late 1980s, Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard were the ones to enrapture connoisseurs around the world, followed by the De Boer twins and Bergkamp. At last year’s World Cup in South Africa, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben stole the show.

Who, though, were the best of the past decades? Which team would a coach form if he could choose among all those generations?

Bas Teunissen (1971) and Gerhard Verduijn (1959) took up the challenge - only to realise how difficult a task they had set themselves. For each position, they could easily think of three, four, five more or less equally qualified candidates. The result is, of course, subjective and open to debate, as the clip below illustrates well.

We are pleased to invite you to join our debate. Do you agree or did we get it wrong? Would you choose a different goalie or striker? Let us know!