Japan's Tsunami floods YouTube

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More and more home videos of the situation in Japan are showing up on YouTube.

People have filmed their surroundings during the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. There are also images of of smoke billowing from the Fukushimi reactors. Many of the images are blurry, but all of them make an impression.

YouTube has even become a tool for finding missing people. One Japanese student in the United States was found her family after seeing them in a YouTube video. 

The girl searched the internet for three days, looking for any sign of her family. She had given up hope when a friend texted her on Monday to say there was a video from her home town on YouTube. When she watched the film, she saw her older sister - holding up a sign with her name, specifically to let her younger sister know that she was ok.

Below is a compilation of clips from the most-watched - and often most powerful - Japanese YouTube videos to date.