L'Ipermestra by Francesco Cavalli (part II)

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EARLY MUSIC: Part II of; 'the incredible key, the absolute pinnacle of the Festival of Early Music Utrecht, 2006' [Robert Aubry Davis, host]


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La Sfera Armoniosa Orchestra, conducted by Mike Fentross


Act II continued
[media:image] Outside, we hear the trumpets announce Linceo’s arrival, and king Danao fears for his life. He asks Arbante to approach Linceo and offer him the kingdom. At the same time, Ipermestra hears the signals as well. Distraught, she asks her confidante to beg Linceo for her father’s life. Elisa leaves, but Berenice warns that Linceo might well fall in love with Elisa, a suggestion Ipermestra scornfully dismisses.
In the meantime, Linceo has set up camp under Argos’ walls, where he orders his general Delmiro to go and save his love Ipermestra from the clutches of her father. After Delmiro’s departure, Arbante appears and Linceo inquires after Ipermestra. Out of revenge for rejected love, Arbante tells a story about a marriage between Ipermestra and Gebete, prince of Corinth, and about an army at the ready to assist Danao. But instead of inspiring fear, the story animates Linceo’s rage. He sets out to destroy the city and kill Ipermestra.


Standing on a tower, Ipermestra is by Delmiro, and she begs him to kill her. Delmiro takes pity on her and encourages her to escape, but it is all in vain. Now that Linceo assumes that Ipermestra is dead, he declares his love for Elisa who, shocked, reveals that Arbante’s story was nothing but lies. And while Ipermestra throws herself off the tower, a giant bird swoops by and rescues her. After this miraculous turn of events, Linceo and Ipermestra once again vow fidelity.


L'Ipermestra - Act 3, scene 10 (Berenice: Marcel Beekman, tenor) 



Stage director: Wim Trompert
Musical director: Mike Fentross
Decor: Eric Goossens
Lighting: Uri Rapaport
Costumes: Mirjam Pater
Choreography: Annabel Lopez Ochoa