Lowering high sex drives

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The State We're In, 24 April 2010: we ask if there’s a cure for sex offenders. Jesse White tells us about how his assault on an underage girl landed him in jail, and how he feels the chemical treatment he received has turned his life around. We also speak with the doctor who treated Jesse. Finally we talk to Bill – not a sex offender – but someone who felt his sex drive was the bane of his existence...until he castrated himself.
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The offender
Jesse White (not his real name) had sexual fantasies about underage girls for years. Then he acted on them, assaulting an 11-year-old girl. Jesse tells host Jonathan Groubert about how he was arrested and jailed for his crime and how, in prison, he finally started to receive treatment for his disorder.

The treatment
Jesse talks about how intensive therapy and use of anti-libidinal drugs freed him from having sexual thoughts about children. Now he has a job, an age-appropriate girlfriend and hope for the future. All that remains is telling his girlfriend about his past.

The doctor
Dr. Paul Federoff is Jesse’s clinician. When he first started working with paedophiles, he was told that he couldn’t help them, only manage them. Now Dr. Federoff says he can “cure” paedophiles and help them lead productive, normal lives. Link - The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

Web extra - can sex offenders such as paedophiles be 'cured'? Dr. Paul Federoff thinks they can.
Click here for our Q&A with Dr. Federoff
The eunuch
Bill is not a sex offender. But all his life he was plagued by hyper-masculine sexual behaviour that made him difficult and deeply unhappy. So he decided that he’d be better off without his sex drive. Bill tells Jonathan the story of how and why he castrated himself with an instrument called a burdizzo.