Stricter rules for EU students in Netherlands

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The cabinet has announced stricter requirements for students from EU member states who seek to obtain a full maintenance grant in the Netherlands.

Deputy Education Minister Halbe Zijlstra says that when Dutch students are asked to pay higher course fees it’s only fair that the rules for foreigners should be tightened as well.

At present students from other EU countries are entitled to a 266-euro a month maintenance grant if they have a job in the Netherlands for at least 8 hours a week.

The number of foreign students receiving maintenance grants has increased substantially in the past few years. Tuition fees in some countries are much higher, and sometimes there are not enough places.

In 2006 the cabinet spent six million euros on maintenance grants for foreign students compared to 26 million euros in 2011.

The deputy minister said foreign students are more than welcome to come to the Netherlands to study, but not if it’s only for financial reasons.

As of the new academic year, foreign students will have to work in the Netherlands for at least 14 hours a week to qualify for a full maintenance grant.


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