Chinese graduates enter tight job market
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Young Chinese are increasingly successful in leaping over the Great Firewall, circumventing filters blocking access to foreign websites and bypassing satellite jamming to watch international broadcasts. They’re joining RNW and other platforms to share information and form opinions, on issues ranging from gender equality and gay rights to corruption and minority rights.


  • Population: 1.3 billion
  • Official language: Mandarin
  • Freedom of the Press score: not free (score 83)


  • One party system, CCP central committee controls state
  • In 2012 Xi Jinping became General Secretary of the Communist Party
  • Geostrategically one of the most important countries in the world


  • China is one of the most repressive and restrictive societies in the world
  • Second largest economy in the world, but  also: Rising income gap, lack of social safety net, growing unemployment and environmental issues
  • Corruption endemic


  • Largest media market in the world, largest number of internet users in the world: 591 mln
  • State owned tv, radio and newspapers
  • Tight control on media and internet: technologically advanced internet surveillance and regular blocking of western electronic media


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