Individual trainings

RNTC trains journalists and media makers to develop from medium to excellent levels of expertise. Our training offer reflects global media trends. We offer courses in Investigative Journalism to unravel issues in society . Campaigns training to support social change and development. And there is a increasing interest in our Producing Media to Counter Radicalisation course where we focus on providing alternative narratives to fight extremism.

Learning by doing

Our ‘learning-by-doing’ method, creates a true-to-life experience for the trainees to help them grasp the lessons and better apply their learnings to real-life situations and make an impact on their communities.

Currently, eight courses are offered by RNTC in two application windows throughout a year. Courses are offered on RNTC’s campus in Hilversum, the Netherlands.. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides OKP (formerly known as NFP) and MSP scholarships for the RNTC courses for media and communications professionals from a variety of partner countries. Interested professionals  also join these courses, often sent by their organisations or as self-payers in order to  improve their journalistic skills and impact of their work.

Popular courses

RNTC conducts surveys immediately post training and again six months after the training to measure the satisfaction rate. So far its trainings and trainers have maintained a very high satisfaction rating (90%) with respondents scoring courses, giving them 9/10 or even 10/10. The courses always ‘exceed expectations’.

RNTC’s  most popular courses in the last two years have been the Investigative Journalism, Producing Media for Counter Radicalisation, and Media Campaigning for Social Change. These link thematically with our programmes. Accordingly, RNTC functions as a vehicle to build capacity and offer trainings to our country teams.

Meet RNTC – Where professionals master the media

RNTC is a media training institute which has brought career-changing skills to more than 5.000 media professionals from around the world.