RNW Media´s Africa desk staff
RNW Media´s Africa desk staff
Alejandro Pintamalli/RNW


RNW Media: a media organisation for social change. The RNTC training centre and dB mediagroep are part of the RNW Media Group.

RNW Media's CEO is Jacqueline Lampe.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees the policy of the Board of Directors and the general running of RNW. The supervisors appoint the Board of Directors and act as a sounding board. Members of the Supervisory Board are:

  • Theo Huibers (Chair)
  • Anna Chojnacka
  • Nicole Kuppens
  • Sander ’t Sas


Advisory Board
The Advisory Board advises the Supervisory Board and the Management Board on policy matters and functions as a sounding board on RNW Media activities.

The Advisory Board members have access to a large and diverse social network and wide-ranging expertise. They are sufficiently critical towards and independent of the organisation and are appointed for a period of five years. 

Current members:

  • Michiel Buitelaar
  • Brechtje van de Moosdijk
  • Paulien Kreutzer

RNTC training centre
The international training centre RNTC is RNW Media’s internationally renowned media training institute, a learning hub for high-calibre media worldwide. We move beyond traditional methods, combining powerful theory, rigorous professional practice, and creative innovation. 

RNTC’s ground-breaking model for persuasive storytelling enables media professionals to produce content with life-changing impact. We offer intensive courses in the Netherlands, flexible learning online and tailor-made training worldwide. Our eye-opening insights are shaping the media of tomorrow.

For most courses, scholarships are available. All RNTC’s courses are open to both paying and sponsored participants.

Overview of RNTC courses.

More info at www.rntc.nl.  

dB mediagroep
dB mediagroep-Dutch Broadcasters provides technical facilities and engineers for radio and multimedia. dB mediagroep offers services for all audio productions, ranging from radio and web to the technical sound production at live events. More info (in Dutch): www.dbmediagroep.nl



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