DG7 alliance in Amsterdam

DG7 statement on press freedom and free expression

On the occasion of the annual meeting of the DG7, the member organizations have reiterated their support for press freedom and free expression across all media platforms at a time of growing media censorship worldwide.

DG7 members include the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, British Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting Board of Governors, Deutsche Welle, France Médias Monde, NHK World, and Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW). The meeting this year was hosted by RNW in Amsterdam on 1 and 2 December 2014.

The DG7 underscored their joint efforts to combat intentional jamming of radio, television, and satellite transmissions as well as the deliberate blocking of the Internet by selected governments aimed at impeding the free flow of information.

The members reaffirmed their commitment to support the right of citizens everywhere to seek, receive, and share information without restriction, and pledged to enhance public access to services and tools to overcome online censorship.

The DG7 represent publicly funded international media organizations from leading democratic nations. In addition to supporting freedom of the press and free expression, members work collaboratively in areas of journalist training and safety, media capacity building, market and audience research, and content distribution.

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