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Love Matters Africa

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Love Matters Africa provides easy-to-access information and news on sexuality and sexual health for young people in Africa. It offers open, honest and non-judgmental discussions around sex and sexuality to help young people make the best possible decisions about their sexual health and rights. 

When Love Matters Africa was launched in Kenya in 2012, RNW Media was responding to a clear need. Sexual health education was lacking: either it was unavailable or focused on abstinence.

Such a scenario leaves young people uninformed, vulnerable and at risk; unmarried teenagers are often excluded from receiving information and sexual health services, resulting in unwanted teenage pregnancies, HIV infections and high maternal mortality rates.

Currently the English language platform runs from Nairobi targeting Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.

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Love Matters is seen as one of a kind in Africa. No other website provides such comprehensive and reliable information on sex, love and relationships, and it is the first of its kind to integrate personal stories with sexual health information – and includes a ground-breaking ‘Find a Clinic’ app that connects young people to the nearest sexual health clinic providing judgement-free service.  

Recognition came quickly. It’s currently the 14th most popular website in Kenya – and its content is often republished by local publications. In 2015, the platform won the AfriComNet Award for Excellence in Health Communication 2015 for best social/new media initiative. In 2016, it was nominated for the Index on Censorship Award 2016 for digital activism.

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A core part of the strategy is data analysis. Online data and online behaviour, as well as feedback from our audience, are key indicators and form a basis for much content – while not shying away from inciting discussions on key taboos in the region such as female genital cutting and LGBT issues.  

With AmplifyChange funding, LM Africa is implementing the Rights, evidence, action – amplifying youth voices programme which promotes acceptance of SRHR for young people including LGBT persons  in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and India. 

Local partners include Network for Adolescents and Youth in Africa (NAYA), East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative (UHAI), the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK), the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (NCHRD). We also participated in the International SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) Forum, which brings together the embassies of supportive governments as well as regional organisations working on sexual orientation and gender identity issues. 

Some of the questions posed on the Love Matters Africa discussion board:

Can a man know if you have sex with another man a day ago?
What is the best birth control if I just had a child?
My wife told me that she don’t feel like loving me but me I still love her, so what can I do?

Explore the possibilities on love, sex and relationships

Would you like to join us in creating safe spaces for young people to make informed choices to have safer, healthier and happier sex and relationships? Please contact us to explore the possibilities.