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Tailored information, legal support

The project launched in 2016 and targets women migrant workers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong Province. Justice4Her uses an online interactive platform for free legal support and information on GBV through online channels (social media platforms, blogs, email, WeChat groups) and integrates this with offline activities.

In partnership with a local law firm, Justice4Her provides pro bono legal aid to victims of GBV, both in the form of consultations via mail and support in bringing their cases to court and representing them.


‘Don’t cover up, step up’

Justice4Her is a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder project that seeks to strengthen the rule of law and reduce gender-based violence (GBV) towards women migrant workers in China.

Diverse online channels and offline activities aim to raise awareness of the issues, inform this vulnerable target group of their rights, amplify their voices and support their access to justice.

Vulnerable to violence
China has around 230 million rural migrant workers. Nearly one-third of these are women, and they are particularly vulnerable to exploitation by employers and local officials.

A study from the All-China Women’s Federation showed that sexual harassment and abuse of women migrant workers occurs frequently, and in recent studies 13.5% of women migrant workers say they are targets of GBV.

Sexual harassment
In 2018, Justice4Her partnered with the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, for a research study on Migrant Women in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The research used quantitative and qualitative methodologies- 1530 women migrant workers were surveyed and 13 women migrant workers were interviewed.

The research revealed that 37.2% of women migrants had been sexually harassed in the workplace. Migrant women who worked part-time or changed jobs often were more vulnerable to harassment.

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Award winning

In 2018, the Justice4her-produced video ‘Silence Hurts’ won the Best Creative PSA Video of the Shanghai Advertisement Association Awards 2018 and Silver Prize for Best Video at the 8th STDecaux Public Service Awards of JCDecaux 2018.

Social Impact Media Awards

An earlier video ‘Don’t Cover it up, Step up’ won the 2017 ‘Creative Activism Award’ at the prestigious Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA). The video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times with its hashtag reaching over 10 million views on Chinese social media channels.

‘I found company in the stories that I read on the Justice4her platform – stories from people who got hurt, spoke up and stood up stronger. So when I was sexually harassed by a courier, I chose to speak out for myself as well.’

– Hongyu, a white-collar migrant worker in Shanghai.

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