29 million

content views in 2018

A succes story

Recognition has helped Love Matters India secure funding from the Ford Foundation, the Packard Foundation, Ideas 42, and the multi-donor AmplifyChange. This has produced a variety of sub-projects ranging from campaigning against Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and working to normalise Comprehensive Sexuality Education (SC) to increasing acceptance for LGBT people.

This financial support also means that Love Matters India keeps moving steadily towards sustainability and independence. 

Taking it to the streets
Offline events are also important. This is where Love Matters gets personal with its audience, creates inspiration, and keeps its finger on the pulse of change. Events are crucial for mobilising young people to take a leadership role, and claim their rights. For example, Love Matters India recently partnered with local networks of peer educators to engage in conversations with youth in rural areas. 

Love Matters India

taking it to the streets

Love Matters India breaks the silence around sex, cuts through shame and stigma, and proudly talks about pleasure. No mean feat in a country where sex education faces fierce opposition and bans and gender-based violence and harassment are rife.

When Love Matters launched  in 2011, it was the first project in India to use the internet to bring young people information on ‘love, sex, relationships and everything in between’.  

Eight years later, Love Matters India is available in both English and Hindi and is established as a major SRHR player, as its website and social media pages maintain buzzing conversations with millions of young people.  As the first Love Matters platform, Love Matters India’s overwhelming success also proved inspirational as the model was adapted for other regions around the world. 

Vithika Yadav

‘We’re saying, if you’re keen and want to get involved and work with us, then yes, we need you! We want these young people as advocates. They need to lead the movement,’ 

says Love Matters India head Vithika Yadav. Meanwhile, the project continues to experiment with different engagement technologies, piloting podcasts and using techniques such as augmented reality and virtual reality videos.

A podcast episode about virginity was very useful as it had nice people talking about something important. A radio programme without any visuals actually helps us feel more comfortable about sharing our thoughts and participating in discussions.’ – follower of Love Matters India.

The other side of love in India

Explore the possibilities on love, sex and relationships

Would you like to join us in creating safe spaces for young people to make informed choices to have safer, healthier and happier sex and relationships? Please contact us to explore the possibilities.