What we do

RNW Media focuses both on engaging young people – primarily in the digital space – and influencing the societies of young people. Our approach is based on continuous innovation applying state of the art media tools and methods.

User centered, data driven

We use user research and data from our digital communities and from research and surveys to gather and produce insights into the behaviour, mindset and needs of young people. Those insights are then used for influencing the societies we are operating in.


We work in fragile states and countries where human rights are under threat from authoritarian governments, countries where armed conflict is common and rule of law weak. These countries also have large young populations and we believe young people are the key to bringing about change. Rather than focus on young people’s frustrations we focus on their aspirations – their desire to shape the societies they live in and live fulfilling lives.

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Global reach

RNW Media has four programmes. Three are thematic: sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) which includes the Love Matters Global Network, Citizens’ Voice covering social cohesion and inclusive governance (SCIG) and In the Works which focuses on economic inclusion of young people. These linked themes adress the issues that most deeply affect young people in both their public and their private lives. The fourth programme, RNTC Media Training, focuses on capacity building – offering concrete steps for young media-makers to turn aspirations into realities.

Our positive, aspirational, and rights- and evidence-based approach works. RNW Media has achieved a reach that goes way beyond that of regular NGOs. In 2019, our total online reach across our different platforms was 888 million.

Youth first

Driving all our work are the specific needs of young people themselves – in all their variety. We listen to them directly and meet them where they are in terms of their key issues, language, technology and online access. In order to do this, we first surface and map young people’s needs within our two thematic areas. Once we have gathered this information via both online and offline research, we analyse, manage and process it to optimise our projects and support our impact.

Meanwhile, we develop strategies that can be shared, replicated, applied to local conditions and then scaled – to build ever larger and more inclusive communities. Our ultimate aim for our projects is that they become sustainable and be handed over to partners in the target countries.

Citizens’ Voice

Grounded in Social Cohesion and Inclusive Governance (SCIG), Citizens’ Voice facilitates young people to become the citizen they want to be, in the society they want to live in. The programme offers them tools to come together and make change happen. 


RNW Media’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programme envisions a world where young people have safe, healthy and pleasurable sex and relationships. Our digital media platforms provide evidence and rights- based SRHR information tailored to the local context.

RNTC training centre

With 50 years of expertise, our RNTC Media Training programme provides training to professional and citizen journalists, content creators, and others who wish to hone their oral, video or written communications skills for change.  

In the Works

Decent jobs and income are essential if young people are to participate fully in their societies and realise their potential. Our In the Works programme aims to ensure young people’s economic inclusion by creating new opportunities, especially for young women.


Our platforms engage with millions of young people around the world. These figures reflect our reach in 2019:

43.6 million

page views
in 2019

15.5 million

interactions – likes, comments, shares
in 2019

10.9 million

in 2019

144.1 million

video views
in 2019

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