What we do

We co-create digital media solutions, which are contextualised and youth-centred. Our moderation guidelines and human rights-based approach allow for different viewpoints to be shared, creating a safe environment for young people in all their diversity to express themselves, make informed decisions on the basis of fact-checked information and engage in moderated conversations.

By collecting and analysing data on young people’s needs, concerns, and aspirations, we develop insights together with our partners, to understand the key topics impacting young people that we need to address. We work to ensure that young people’s voices are amplified by bringing online discussions to offline events involving policy makers and vice versa. With our media expertise we continue to provide online and in-person learning solutions like training and coaching to media and communication professionals and organisations in the development sector for a lasting impact of their digital media work.

Let’s get digital!

In our 2021-2023 strategy “Let’s get digital!”, we outline the change we strive for and way of working – building on our track record of working with and for young people to achieve it. With our digital rights framework, we set the scene for our work on human rights in the digital space – accelerating young people’s ability to influence change. The key focuses are digital inclusion, universal and equal access, freedom of opinion and expression, and access to information.

How we work

We partner with diverse changemakers such as civil society organisations operating internationally and locally, formal and informal media makers, human rights activists, academia, digital networks, the private sector and others, to accelerate their work and achieve bigger impact. We co-create digital solutions such as inclusive digital media engagement approaches and content that enable young people to make informed decisions, act for change and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs most relevant to them. With our capacity strengthening efforts we provide unique and contextualised learning experiences on the use of media for social change to both individuals and organisations. Through our international network members and engagement with diverse participants in our courses, we are able to learn from each other and adapt to the most relevant developments across the globe.

Where we work

Over time we have built a strong network of changemakers in diverse regions ranging from North Africa, the Middle East, West and East Africa, East Asia to Central and South America while new projects take us to new regions and countries. The RNW Media network continuously shares knowledge, skills and data insights on how to use digital media to engage young people and unleash their potential to drive social change, accelerating the impact of changemakers. Our network enables us to bring localised insights to every project and adapt and evolve accordingly.


The platforms we co-create engage with millions of young people around the world. These figures reflect our reach in 2021:

40.3 million

social interactions
in 2021

13.6 million

in 2021

154.7 million

video views
in 2021

788.4 million

total social
media reach
in 2021

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