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Pleasure positive

What sets Love Matters apart is that it talks about pleasure, rather than sticking to the conventional focus on dysfunction and avoiding disease. This approach has put Love Matters in the limelight as a SRHR thought-leader.

With this pleasure-positive approach and non-judgemental discussions on mobile-friendly platforms, Love Matters delivers accessible evidence- and right-based information and advice to young people to help them make informed decisions. They also create an online space for them to share their thoughts with their peers and to pose questions to (s)experts.

Love Matters

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Love Matters is RNW Media’s flagship sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) programme. Since launching the first platform in India in 2011, Love Matters has flourished to become a collaborative global network with 7 country members across the world.

The aim of the Love Matters Global Network is to scale-up the cumulative impact and resources of the programme by facilitating collaboration and sharing expertise and innovation in online sexuality education. The network members all utilise the innovative Love Matters approach to reach young people with open, honest and pleasure-positive information on love, sex and relationships in places where such information is often censored or taboo.

The network currently  consists  of seven members; Love Matters is implemented by RNW Media teams in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, DRC and China and in India and Mexico through a social franchise model. Network activities include joint communication and events, joint research and fundraising and coordinated global campaigns.

The network also creates opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge, best practices and resources among and between the members.  To ensure sustainability, all network members will gradually transition to a social franchise model. RNW Media also aims to grow the reach and scale of Love Matters by recruiting new members to the network.

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Innovation – online and off

The programme uses digital data analysis to understand the specific needs of each of its target regions. In response to those needs, Love Matters tailors its platforms to reach millions of users and engage them in open, honest and non-judgemental conversations about all aspects of love, sex and relationships.

Love Matters has many offline activities that  we roll out with both local and international  partners. These activities include campaigns,  concerts, installations (graffiti art, virtual  reality), research projects and presentations at  international conferences. Offline activities are a way to strengthen communities developed  online and create a different kind of outreach  and visibility. 

Core values

Members of the Love Matters Global Network share the same core values:

Youth-centred: Young people are at the centre of all activities and interventions.

Non-judgemental: We don’t judge people based on their opinions or sexual behaviours and strive to ensure that our online communities are inclusive to all.

Pleasure-positive: We believe that pleasure and sexual well-being are essential and effective elements of SRHR programmes.

Innovative: Innovation in sexuality education is at the heart of Love Matters, we are constantly trying out new ideas, methods and products to drive social change and we are always learning.

Collaborative: Collaboration and teamwork are at the core of the network, we can achieve greater results together.

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An introduction to Love Matters

Explore the possibilities on love, sex and relationships

Would you like to join us in creating safe spaces for young people to make informed choices to have safer, healthier and happier sex and relationships? Please contact us to explore the possibilities.

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