More than 6000

media professionals trained

RNTC works to:

  • Build the skills of diverse media actors—professional and citizen journalists, content creators, marketing and communication professionals and other media-makers as well as NGO professionals.
  • Train participants from and in developing and fragile contexts, as well as from developed contexts.
  • Train participants to produce quality content and media campaigns for social change.
  • Build participants’ skills to combat disinformation and to produce engaging, fact-based, non-biased and critical content that facilitates debate and serves the public interest.


Social change through media

Media training

RNTC, RNW Media’s internationally renowned training centre, provides media training and capacity strengthening for social change. We train professionals and citizen media-makers, partners and organisations in developing media work with a lasting impact. RNTC Media Training Centre goes beyond traditional media and campaigning, combining research and powerful theory, professional practice and creative innovation. With innovative approaches to media and training, we connect communities and changemakers.

‘Global press freedom declined to its lowest point in 13 years amid unprecedented threats to journalists and media outlets in major democracies and new moves by authoritarian states to control the media.’  – Freedom House

50+ years

of high-skilled trainings worldwide

Where we work

RNTC is active across the globe. In-house courses from one to three weeks are offered at the training centre in the Netherlands. We have strong partnerships with local media training institutes and tailor-made courses are offered around the world at a location of the partner’s choice. RNTC has delivered trainings in countries spread over Latin America, Asia, Africa and MENA. RNTC’s courses are delivered in English but can be adapted to French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Dutch on request.

Training approach

RNTC’s training empowers media-makers to develop successful creative content and media formats that facilitate dialogue and debate among young people and those in power. We offer trainings suitable for a range of market segments including: media outlets, NGOs, CSOs, think tanks, universities and governments. We use a learner centered approach that emphasises learning by doing, practice versus book-learning and a practice-theory-practice dialectic. A typical course is constructed of 40% theory inputs, 30% discovery through practical assignments and group work based on controlled outcomes and 30% application to the participants’ own context or world of work.


Through our partnership with Nuffic Global Development, we are able to offer scholarships to media-makers in restrictive settings who use media for social change and create social impact.

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We have trained over 6,000 people from 58 countries. Immediate post-course assessments are conducted to determine knowledge gained and trainee satisfaction. The average satisfaction rate of RNTC in-person courses are usually around 86%. Our online trainings receive satisfaction ratings of over 90% consistently. More than two-thirds (68%) of respondents have reported applying their knowledge, skills and insights gained to a substantial level with also 65% of respondents reporting that the training they had received was substantially beneficial to their career.

50+ years of experience

RNTC was set up over 50 years ago in 1968 as a joint initiative of RNW Media (formerly Radio Netherlands Worldwide) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

RNTC gained invaluable expertise in delivering accredited courses, and in the role media can play in society, especially in the developing world and countries in transition.

RNTC Media Training Centre

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